Privacy statement June 2018 for clients of psychotherapy or supervision

Training, Consultancy and Practice Ltd is committed to how it manages your personal information.  The following policy sets out our terms and conditions under the new GDPR regulations 2018 and Data Protection Act.

Information we may collect from you: - You may give us information about you by filling in forms on our site form or by corresponding with us by phone, e-mail or otherwise. The information you give us may include your name, address, e-mail address and phone number and will be responded to and not kept unless you become a client of ours.  

When you visit our site we do not collect any personal information via mouseclicks, or cookies.  

Information from other sources (such as the AFT or UKCP  website)  -  if you make any enquiry about counselling from these sites your information will be collected and responded to appropriately.

Uses made of the information:

Please note information is not routinely kept unless you become a customer of TCP Ltd and as such personal and confidential information will be stored in a secure manner and kept for 8 years as recommended by AFT code of practice.

Confidentiality:-All  personal information kept in anonymised and kept under a secure system and would be not be shared without your permission.  However, as a systemic therapist,  I would breach your confidence if you say something that implies danger to yourself or others. I will be transparent and inform you when this has to be done.  Otherwise, information is kept in a secure manner.

You have a right to view your data  at any time.  We may use this information to track your progress and it may be shared with my supervisor as necessary.You have the right to object to us holding and processing information about you, although we may need to retain certain information for legal purposes (e.g. to comply with my Insurer’s Terms and Conditions).

Your data is not transferred outside of the EU.