Training Courses, Supervision and Consultation

Offering training for social work and health care staff, voluntary and education in the following topics:


Safeguarding (child protection)

 Levels 1, 2 and 3 

Neglect and Safeguarding

Parental Mental Health and Safeguarding

Working with sexual abuse & fostering sexually abused children

Domestic Abuse

Trauma informed practice

Fostering troubled children, thinking about attachment,  identity and resilience

Therapeutic work with refugees/

asylum seekers.

Emotional development of children

Tailor made courses on request

Systemic supervision training
Supervision and Consultation

I have been practicing family therapy for 15 years now and have  qualified as a supervisor in Systemic psychotherapy 10 years ago.


In the past I have given group supervision for staff groups and can work with organisations around difficulties and dynamics.  


I consulted and helped rewrite policies for the PVI sector in Early Years in LB Lambeth and can conduct supervision following allegations.


Staff training days on request.

Working with Families

and couples​​


Dually qualified as both social worker and family therapist with over 25 years experience of working with families with many different issues.


 From those involved with the local authority for statutory reasons to consultation with families around behavioural and mental health issues for their children.


 I have run groups for survivors of domestic abuse and have specialised in working with trauma.

I am happy to work with couples and families around any issues and work from either a solution focused approach or thinking about how previous issues are affecting relationships in the current moment.